Tamar Kleinberger - singer

Tamar is a classicaly trained soprano singer with a rich voice which brings unqie vocal tones into our music.

Adi Silberberg - recorder, violin

Adi is a one of a kind musician, virtuoso recorder player and early music expert who believes in breaking boundaries.

Lyra Ensemble        אנסמבל ליירה
Folk Inspired Fusion                                                                                                                 פיוז'ן עולמי

Ryan Hardoon - Guitars

Ryan is a guitar player and songwriter who draws from classical music and rock to create parts which incorporate both worlds.


Lyra is an ensemble created by three musicians who fuse their classical background with musical influences from different periods and places around the world. This mix gives the original songs and arrangements an interesting unique sound.

20.4.15 at 21:30 Intimate Lyra performance at the Lola Cafe in Beer Sheva. 13 Smilansky St (in the old city). Free entrance. Tel: 08-6288937

17.4.15 at midnight Intimate Lyra performanc at the Ginga Freedance in Tel-Aviv. Bikurey Ha'Itim Art Centre, 6 Heftman St.

Intimate Lyra - We have recently completed a recording project of Lyra as a trio. Check out the results above and on the Our Music page.